Just a blog to preserve some thoughts about Red Teaming :)

About this blog

         This blog is just my own notebook where I can publish some posts related to Infosec. Before creating this blog I usually wrote on Tarlogic’s blog and BlackArrow’s Blog, but I needed a corner where I could post articles with a “less corporative” style and this blog was born :).

About the author

         My name is Juan Manuel Fernández (a.k.a. X-C3LL) and I love to break & fix things. I started in the security world around the year 2006, when IRC & private forums were in its death throes. Between the years 2016 and 2020 I worked at Tarlogic’s Red Team (BlackArrow), were we did tons of amazing things. Now I work as Red Teamer for one of the largest companies in Spain.

         I am a proud member of Ka0labs and I usually play CTFs with the teams Insanity & ID-10-T. Also in recent years I have collected some CVEs

         PS. As you could notice, my skills with CSS are close to NaN.

         Feel free to contact me at twitter (DMs are open) or LinkedIn.