Just a blog to preserve some thoughts about Red Teaming :)

About this blog

         This blog is just my own notebook where I can publish some posts related to Infosec. Before creating this blog I usually wrote on Tarlogic’s blog and BlackArrow’s Blog, but I needed a corner where I could post articles with a “less corporative” style and this blog was born :).

About the author

         My name is Juan Manuel Fernández (a.k.a. X-C3LL) and I love to break & fix things. I started in the security world around the year 2006, when IRC & private forums were in its death throes. Between the years 2016 and 2020 I worked at Tarlogic’s Red Team (BlackArrow) as operator and manger roles, were we did tons of amazing things. After that I worked as Red Team Leader for Telefonica Tech. Since 2021 I’m part of the MDSec Red Team.

         I am a proud member of Ka0labs and I usually play CTFs with the teams Insanity & ID-10-T. Also in recent years I have collected some CVEs

Also I am the founder of Adepts of 0xCC

         PS. As you could notice, my skills with CSS are close to NaN.

         Feel free to contact me at twitter (DMs are open) or LinkedIn.

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